Right after the establishment of the organization in 2001, it started expanding rapidly on community works on HIV/AIDS prevention and advocacy services for all sexual minorities in Nepal. It operated a drop-in center, a free STD clinic and did outreach work, and by the end of the year 2003, the organization was able to establish informal networks in more than 15 cities throughout the country.
After intensifying its network, and working in HIV sectors and health related issues, the organization came to contact with different community members infected with HIV/AIDS who had faced social, psychological, family and health problems due to social stigma, discrimination, harassment, torture and violence. The community members of males who have sex with males (MSM) in Nepal are and were largely ignored by the HIV/AIDS program in Nepal.
Hence after verifying the needs of the community people, the organization established it first Care and Treatment and Hospice Center through the support from Sidaction , the international organization especially working for MSM/MSW/TG communities in the world under the project entitle “ MSM/MSW PWA’s Care and Support Program” . The centre with support and a hospice with clinical services further established support centres in Janakpur,Bhairahawa and Dhangadi to offer various services .

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