Income Generation

BDS has been enhancing Sexual and Gender Minorities leadership capacities and has been supporting the job skill and opening some opportunities (beauty and makeup training, driving lessons, security guard training etc) to get jobs. In the last two years at least 20 Third Gender women have been trained in beauty and hair makeup training, 12 third gender men have been trained on security guard skills and 6 took driving lessons. All of them finished the training successfully but the chance of getting employment was and still is very slim. Only three third gender women are working as beauty and hair makeup artists and 6 third genders men got jobs as security guards. No one got a job as a driver. It’s important to keep in mind that whatever skills they learn we should make sure that they also get the opportunity to get the jobs. The best way to secure jobs for them is either to train on those fields whether there is guarantee of job like security guard and jobs in travel business or provide with small seed fund so that they can start their own micro business like hair and beauty salon or small KHAJA restaurant. Due to limited fund BDS has not been able to continue providing support to learn such useful and potential for job skills to this community (especially outside the valley) which accounts about 8-10% of the total population of Nepal. In encouraging to see, after years of lobbying and advocacy few district government like in Sunsari, Banke, Dhangadi have initiated different program like language proficiency, computer training, bakery, beauty and parlour training and sensitisation about sexual and gender minorities among the wider public.