Separate directives could be issued targeting gender and sexual minority : PNC Chairman Karki

Kathmandu (Pahichan) April 14 – Chairman of Press Council Nepal (PCN)

Borna Bahadur Karki has said that separate directives could be issued targeting transgender.
Speaking to Pahichan Radio program, a voice of gender and sexual minority,
the Chairman of PCN said the crux of code of conduct is not to discriminate and defame any individual.
“We can issue separate directives to ensure their respect and equality,”
said Karki.According to him, Council is holding discussions about issuing separate codes targeting children. “We are also holding discussions about issuing separate directives for women as well,” Karki informed.
He said journalistic code of conduct has allowed issuing separate directives targeting some specific groups. “Code of conduct is like a constitution for journalism sector.

Directives are issued for the effective implementation of journalistic code of conduct,” Karki said. He said LGBTI community has not formally requested PCN to formulate code of conduct for them or use of some specific words of their community. Karki who is also senior advocate said all the citizens are equal in the eye of law. “Homosexual and transgender and like other male and female so they should not be discriminated,” said Karki adding that it is the responsibility of all people to provide respect to this community.

“Media sector should be more cautious about the issues of this community because they are the watchdog of society,” Karki said adding that media should make an environment of equality. He informed that media is working to manage media sector for health growth of journalism.