DIVA project-Phase II

The focus of the planned activities in Nepal is supporting the Blue Diamond Society, to improve and scale-up its policy and advocacy, HIV-related programming, and research related work on MSM, TG, and HIV-related issues across Nepal. In addition, activities will be undertaken to strengthen BDS’s capacity to provide downstream technical assistance and support to other MSM, TG, and HIV-related CBO and other partners, while providing scaling up capacity for the development of new MSM, TG, and HIV CBOs and interventions addressing MSM, TG, and HIV-related issues.

The overall goal: This goal helps to contribute to the national goal of reducing new infections among MSM and TG by implementing capacity building, technical assistance towards down-streaming CBOs and advocacy at national, regional and local level.
The major objectives of the project as:
· Improve the delivery of HIV prevention, care and treatment services for MSM and TG in Nepal

· Improve the policy environment with regards MSM, TG and HIV-related issues in Nepal

· Improve the strategic knowledge about the impact of HIV on MSM and TG populations in Nepal.