Care and Support

Till 2001, HIV prevalence amongst MSM was not matter of interest to the government and INGOs working in Nepal on HIV/AIDS and HIV prevention program is still limited because of funding gaps and the ignorance of the international funding agencies in Nepal as Nepal lack precise data about the percentage of MSM that are infected with HIV.
But through our MSM network in many cities in Nepal and the recent government declaration as Most at Risks Population, we know the HIV infection is rapidly spreading and MSM PLWHAs are still unable to get proper treatment and hence dying in Kathmandu as well as in other town of Nepal especially in the Terai region.

Care, support and hospice centre is a good start for addressing the greater requirements of MSM PLWHAs, which needs to be further strengthening, expanding and sustaining for the longer term to ensure significant impact on the health of MSM PLWHAs living in Nepal till the government make strong policy to overcome the problem.