About Us

The Blue Diamond Society was established in 2001. Working for sexual minorities in a conservative country like Nepal which still disapproves sexual behaviour other than heterosexual and therefore people like us was extremely challenging. The first challenge was registrations an NGO for sexual minorities the constitution doesn’t recognize sexual minorities so BDS was register as a sexual health programme. The BDS work in Kathmandu with local communities and on a national level with the mission to improve the sexual health, human rights and well being of sexual and gender minorities in Nepal including third-genders ,gay men, bisexuals, lesbian, and other men who have sex with men. Through BDS outreach work; we have reached up to 350000 LGBTI/MSM. BDS the only organization of this kind and key activities include health promotion for sexual minorities psycho-social counselling raising awareness of HIV/AIDS, promoting human rights and sexual health, documenting human right violations and violated, legal counselling and litigation services to the victims and families, legal and constitutional campaign, lobbying for policy change, advocacy and media campaign, income generation activities to poor LGBTI/MSM. BDS also organize innovative events such as a beauty pageant, and built and strengthen communities. The BDS has documented violence and abuse that has included arbitrary arrests, attempted murder, rape, blackmail, and all varieties of physical and verbal abuse and discrimination in the workplace, school medical facilities and elsewhere. BDS has done an exceptional job in publicizing these incidents on the local, national and international level, bringing attention to this situation.


* Societies which respect and value each sexual and gender minorities.

* Societies where each sexual and gender minorities can live with equal right and dignity.

* Societies where all sexual and gender minorities have hope and opportunities.


* Blue diamond society fights for sexual and gender minority’s social justice and right.

* We deliver immediate and lasting improvements to the lives of sexual and gender minorities in Nepal and beyond.