Myths and Reality of LGBT community

Sangita Shrestha

March 31- . As a student of social work, I have to work in various NGOs and INGOs as a trainee for my practical project. We have to spend at least 250 hours in any organization devoted for the social issues.

I received a chance to work as an intern in Blue Diamond Society but I have very few knowledge about the organization. The only I know that it works for LGBT rights. I had heard something about the LGBT people which has been presented as followings.

It is a mental illness

Hijras and trans women are same
All gays are feminine
All trans women are sex workers
LGBT people do not have stable relationship
Children raised by LGBT people will be confused about their sexual identity
Before joining Blue Diamond Society, there is a need of clear concept about LGBT community. Now, I have to know that what I had heard about LGBT was a totally wrong. Homosexuality is not a mental illness. It is also natural like being heterosexual. They are not abnormal, they are also normal like ordinary people.

The most important is, it can not be cured by any psychotherapy, yoga and shock treatment because it is not illness. Hijras and transwomen are not the same, Hijras is culture where they have to follow certain rules and regulation whereas transwomen are people who was assigned male at birth but has a female identity.

And all Hijras are transwoman but all transwoman are not Hijras. It is also misconception that the children raised by LGBTI people will be confused about their sexuality. The things that I had heard are totally different than the thing that I have understood from Blue Diamond Society about LGBTI people, all transwoman are not sex workers.

Only some of them are sex worker. All gays are not feminine. Until and unless they tell about their sexuality openly we cannot know them by their physical appearance.

Transgender and gay people are not same. Gender identity and sexual orientations are two separate characteristics. It’s all because of lack of knowledge and awareness about LGBT people. They also have stable relationship like straight people. It is all the misconception of people and perception of society towards them that they don’t have stable relationship.

Even I was unknown about different things about LGBTI people. I also used to think the same thing because I have also come from the same society. But after being the intern of Blue Diamond Society the whole concept has been clearly understood.

The orientation given by Bhumika Shrestha and Bhakti Shah was also very informative and by observing the LGBTI community, reading books from the library of Blue Diamond Society also cleared confusion regarding LGBTI people.

Everyone is born freely and have equal rights in the society. They should get equal opportunities and rights like ordinary people in each and every sector. And to provide those rights and opportunities, Blue diamond society is working and advocating for their rights. We should make some efforts for a change, and to create LGBTI friendly environment in our society.