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The Blue Diamond Society was established in 2001. Working for sexual minorities in a conservative country like Nepal which still disapproves sexual behaviour other than heterosexual and therefore people like us was extremely challenging.
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6th International Pride Festival “Gai Jatra” 2016   “Violence Free Society Full Of Respect and Dignity” “The festival of “Gai Jatra” is one of the oldest and notable of the many festivals celebrated by in Nepal. Falling on the day after Janai Purnima, the full moon day of August, Gai Jatra is a day for… Read more »

IDAHO 2014

Kathmandu (Pahichan) April 14 – Chairman of Press Council Nepal (PCN) Borna Bahadur Karki has said that separate directives could be issued targeting transgender. Speaking to Pahichan Radio program, a voice of gender and sexual minority, the Chairman of PCN said the crux of code of conduct is not to discriminate and defame any individual…. Read more »

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Sangita Shrestha

March 31- . As a student of social work, I have to work in various NGOs and INGOs as a trainee for my practical project. We have to spend at least 250 hours in any organization devoted for the social issues. (more…)

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